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Dog Bite

Dogs can bring an immeasurable amount of joy to people’s lives, but that does not mean they cannot cause harm. Dog bites happen more often than we’d like to believe, and happen more often to children than adults. If a dog bite injury has happened to you or a loved one, it is important to seek treatment right away to avoid any infections and to contact a Dog Bite Lawyer in San Diego.

Dog bites can leave lasting injuries. As with most personal injury claims, there is a time limit to your claim. Our personal injury lawyers at Acclaim Law Group are skilled at negotiating with insurance companies and are able to get the best results for you.


We understand that not all wounds heal quickly. Emotional trauma, anxiety, and scars can last a lifetime. People often overlook the importance of protecting the people around them from their dogs. Fortunately, California has a law in place that protects victims of dog bites from being further victimized.

Being bitten by a dog can have a profound effect on your life, so be sure to get an expert San Diego personal injury lawyer on your side. To schedule a free consultation and get answers to any other questions, call Brett Geruntino, Esq. at Acclaim Law Group at (858)252-0781 or email

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